The Proof is in the Poop

Saturday January 22, 2022

When your dog is in good health, it appears in his faeces. It can be huge, firm, and come in a variety of dark hues. Something is awry when you notice a rapid shift, such as blood in your dog’s faeces. Continue reading to find out how you can recognise health issues in your dog’s…read more

How Swimming can improve your dog’s health & wellbeing

Friday December 10, 2021

  Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for your canine pal. It does wonders for overall health, providing an aerobic workout that will keep them feeling fit and healthy and can provide essential relief from the summer heat. It can be especially beneficial as therapy for dogs rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, having…read more

Bandit – Lifelong Dig-In User and Much Loved Pet

Friday November 05, 2021

It’s time we catch up with our old friend Bandit, an energetic, age-defying Blue Australian Cattle Dog. When we first met Bandit he was scratching a lot and was off his food. When Bandit’s owner Magaret reached out to us to see if Dig-In could help Bandit. We were confident that Dig-In would help. Soon…read more

How can you fight Dog Joint Pain?

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Arthritis affects around 20% of dogs of all ages and breeds. The disease in your pet might be minor and undetectable, or it can be severe and cause terrible discomfort and lameness. Your dog may suffer from arthritis and joint pain, but you can help alleviate their agony by learning about their condition and providing…read more

What’s in Canine Prebiotics Anyway?

Monday September 06, 2021

What are Prebiotics?  Prebiotics are a form of dietary fibre that supports the growth and development of good and healthy intestinal bacteria so that harmful bacteria doesn’t overrun your immune system and make you feel ill or sick. Dietary fibre can be broken down into two primary categories: Soluble Fibre – As suggested by the…read more

How Can I Improve My Dog’s Gut Health?

Thursday May 06, 2021

Your dog’s gut health is a tremendously HUGE factor in determining your pet’s overall health and happiness. A healthy gut can ensure longevity, resilience to illness and better stress response. Like us, good health is a determining factor for a higher quality of life. It’s the same for your pet too. At Dig-In, our entire…read more

Can My Dog Eat Yoghurt for Probiotics

Wednesday March 24, 2021

There’s quite a fuss about probiotics for dogs at the moment. With humans downing Kombucha, adding Kimchi to salads and dollops of yoghurts in the pursuit of the ‘proper immune function’ resulting from good gut bacteria, we’ve often assumed that our pets should do likewise.  At Dig-In we have created a few articles that promote…read more

Probiotics for Dogs: What’s the hype and why we offer prebiotics.

Wednesday January 27, 2021

There is a lot of noise around dog probiotics and their reported benefits. At Dig-In we know that they can be a healthy addition to your dog’s diet, but don’t reach for them just yet. There is a lot more to probiotics for dogs than you might realise and equipping yourself with the right knowledge…read more

Skin Irritation in Dogs! The causes and what to do about it…

Tuesday March 10, 2020

Here’s a scenario that EVERY dog owner is familiar with. You’re sitting at home enjoying a quiet night in, maybe Netflix is on and you’re working your way through the latest series. Maybe you’re tucked up in bed reading away, but despite trying desperately to throw yourself into your book, series, nap, conversation and enjoy…read more

Dig-In: Proud to assist the Koala detection dogs

Monday November 04, 2019

(Pic: ‘Missy’ The Koala Detection at the ready with an abundance of energy thanks to Dig-In ) When looking at our pet dog, it may be hard for us to imagine them fulfilling any role other than a loving companion. However throughout history, the humble dog has been eager to serve and prove its worth,…read more

Customer Journey: Help Getting Your Labrador to Poo right

Tuesday September 10, 2019

(pic: Abby the Labrador – loose stool warrior. ) You’ve just got to love a Labrador! Intelligent, warm, easy-going and well… just plain beautiful. Their friendly nature and soulful eyes have seen them remain on the top of the list of Australia’s favourite breeds for over five years now (source: But what happens when your…read more

What’s the difference between Dig-In and Dig-In Fresh?

Tuesday August 27, 2019

Dig-In Fresh has been on the market for over month now and we are really thrilled with your feedback. It’s been so great to see that so many pet owners out there willing to make a positive change to their best friends’ diet and health. If you’re reading this and you have purchased your Dig-In…read more

Is Kombucha harmful for dogs?

Tuesday November 13, 2018

Kombucha is no longer exclusively the eco hydration of hipsters and the health-conscious fitspo crowd. Today many households are fermenting their own kombucha and it’s not uncommon to find it on supermarket shelves, cafe lunch special boards or school kids’ tuckshop orders. But, despite the latest thirst for this probiotic liquid in human circles, is…read more

Use of Dog probiotics are on the rise – why?

Wednesday September 19, 2018

At Dig-In we were privileged to be among the first companies to offer prebiotics specifically for dogs. Inspired by the pleasure of owning a dog we believe that we have a very serious responsibility to our pets. That unerring loyalty, the ineffable companionship is one of life’s greatest pleasures. For that, they deserve to be…read more