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Dig-In is a Prebiotic Powder proven to be effective for;

  • Managing Food Allergies common food allergies in dogs are skin irritations, ear infections, and digestive problems. Dog hanging its head Food allergies = unhappy and distressed doggy :(
  • Aiding Recovery after a trip to the vet. Dig-In is a perfect complement to help your pet get back to normal. Use Dig-In regularly to keep them that way. Dog with bandages Prevention is better than cure.
  • Fussy eaters. A loss of appetite in dogs can be troublesome. The good news is... your dog will L-O-V-E the taste of Dig-In! It's GRAVY powder after all. Happy dog It's like chocolate covered candy for dogs (but without the bad stuff in it!)

Dig-In to the facts about Our Prebiotic Digestive Gravy Powder...

Dig-In's Prebiotic formula fights against any nasties in the digestive process, and builds a stronger immune system to ease the common symptoms of food allergies and aid recovery. We've got them all covered in one simple powder!

Benefits of Digestive Gravy Powder

Additional benefits:

Is your dog a fussy eater?

Try a sprinkling of Dig-In Prebiotic Powder over their meals and watch them lick the bowl clean. Even the fussiest of eaters will be tempted.

Has your dog suffered a recent bout of illness?

Dig-In Prebiotic Powder will help them rebuild their stamina and immune system, and bring back their bounce :-)

Dig-In Prebiotic Powder is for dogs of all ages and breeds. We believe in the enjoyment of a healthy and active lifestyle for you and your companion.

Dig-In deeper to our story…

Dig-In Prebiotic Digestive Gravy Powder has been developed by two food scientists with a belief in lifelong health and wellbeing, an enthusiasm for experimenting with product development... and, of course, a love of dogs.

We believe in prevention, not cure. Our goal was to produce a 100% natural product that will fight the root cause of the most common symptoms of food allergies in dogs, and provide long-term relief. Dig-In is developed and manufactured in Australia, aiming to bring health and happiness to households around the country. Feel free to read more about us!


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Digestive Gravy Power - Making dogs healthy and meals tasty!

Give your dog a healthy treat with Dig-In Prebiotic Digestive Powder. Meal times have never been so enjoyable, and you will visibly see the improvement in your dogs everyday health and happiness.

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