How Can I Improve My Dog’s Gut Health?

Thursday May 06, 2021

Your dog’s gut health is a tremendously HUGE factor in determining your pet’s overall health and happiness. A healthy gut can ensure longevity, resilience to illness and better stress response. Like us, good health is a determining factor for a higher quality of life. It’s the same for your pet too. At Dig-In, our entire product range has been built around this premise. As Hippocrates, the father of medicine, pointed out centuries ago, “bad digestion is at the root of all evil” and “death sits in the bowels.” Dig-In has been scientifically formulated to improve your dog’s gut health but aside from using Dig-In, there are other ways to improve your Dog’s Gut Health.

Feed your Dog Appropriately

We live busy lives and we’re all guilty of taking the easy, less healthy option for the sake of convenience. It’s no different for our dogs. Things like kibble and canned dog food are easy options, and for many dogs, this type of food is the mainstay of their diets. However, these are often detrimental to our pet’s gut flora. That’s why Dig-In created Dig-In Fresh. It helps dog owners create delicious and nutritious meals for their dogs. It ensures an appropriate amount of all the important nutrients that your dog needs to keep them healthy. And you know exactly what goes in – because you make it yourself!

Introduce Prebiotic and Probiotics

Making your dog food all the time would be great but it’s not always achievable, but you still want them to be healthy, right?! As pet owner’s ourselves we always aim to ensure your dog’s health is at its best. To this end, we recommend adding some prebiotic and probiotic supplements to assist in boosting their gut microbiome. Dig-In Digestive powder is great for adding prebiotics. Prebiotics encourages your dog’s gut to help probiotics flourish. We often think of it as a garden, with soil being prebiotic and plants being probiotics. You need healthy soil so that plants can grow and be healthy – you need to maintain both… especially the soil.

Exercise and play can help reduce stress as well as promote good sleep & weight

Does your dog love going for walks? Maybe they jump straight in for a swim at the beach or they simply NEED to play fetch with you? Exercise is an essential part of your dog’s daily routine. Dogs are made to be active and by keeping their bodies moving they enjoy a plethora of benefits. Studies show links between exercise, stress management, better sleep and even good gut health. Exercise helps your dog to produce feel-good chemicals too which is great for them and increases your bond. All the good things!

Pay attention to what’s on the label

This is a bit of a no-brainer. If your dog food ingredients list is full of numbers instead of actually known ingredients it may do more harm than good. Commercial Dog Food producers have, unfortunately, become great at obfuscating ingredients and using ‘wholesome’ looking packaging which can be misleading. To help you make super delicious dog food without any of the nasties, Dig-In created ‘Dig-In Fresh’; a way to add all the important nutrients to your dog’s meal as you cook at home for the ultimate level of care for your dog. You shop the ingredients, you make the meal – you know what you’re feeding your dog. Alternatively, there are a number of ‘fresh dog food providers so you can give your dog great food without all the junk from commercial dog food. If you’re pressed for time but still want the best, one of these producers may be a suitable alternative.

Improving your Dog’s gut health will help make them happy and healthy. Exercise, appropriate diet, introducing some supplements if required, and paying attention to what is on the labels are all great things you can do to help improve your dog’s gut health and overall longevity and health in general.

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