How can you fight Dog Joint Pain?

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Arthritis affects around 20% of dogs of all ages and breeds. The disease in your pet might be minor and undetectable, or it can be severe and cause terrible discomfort and lameness. Your dog may suffer from arthritis and joint pain, but you can help alleviate their agony by learning about their condition and providing them with the proper diet and support. 


Joint pain in dogs is caused by either developmental or degenerative disorders. Developmental issues are caused by a genetic tendency, with elbow and hip dysplasia being the most prevalent. Degenerative issues are ones that have developed over time, typically as a result of ageing or misuse. Osteoarthritis can occur in older dogs as a result of years of wear and strain on their joints and ligaments.


Symptoms of Canine Joint Pain

Symptoms of dog joint pain usually emerge gradually and may include:


  • Sitting, standing, or laying down is difficult.
  • Slowness or stiffness in getting out of bed
  • Having difficulty mounting the stairs
  • Reluctance to leap or run Reduced activity or interest in regular activities
  • Limping or lifting a limb off the ground Swelling or stiffness of the joints


Treatment Options

If your dog’s symptoms do not improve after two weeks, he or she should see a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will most likely do a physical examination and take x-rays. The sooner you start treating your dog’s joint pain, the better off he’ll be.


The course of treatment will be determined by the reason and degree of your dog’s joint discomfort. Some joint issues may necessitate surgery, while others can be managed with lifestyle modifications, supplements like Dig-In can make a huge difference.


Many meals and supplements have chemicals or additions that might help dogs’ joints. For example, fish oil reduces inflammation, while chondroitin and glucosamine for dogs offer joint restorative qualities. Dig-In for dogs is an excellent example of a beneficial joint health supplement.


A canine prebiotic dig-in serves as a great do-it-yourself treatment option for a dog with joint issues (although never a substitute for a visit to a vet – no matter how much pooch dreads it), and may become a regular part of your dogs diet. Dig-In’s prebiotic assists in better absorbing nutrients, increases bone density and strength and offers enhanced immunity.


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