Simple Checks for a Happy and Healthy Pup

Thursday 04 July, 2024

We all want our furry friends to live long, happy, and healthy lives. But sometimes, it’s hard to know when a playful quirk might be a sign of something more serious. Here at Dig-In, we believe knowledge is power! So, before you reach for the car keys to rush to the vet, let’s explore some…read more

Keeping Your Canine Companion Happy and Healthy This Winter

Wednesday 22 May, 2024

Winter brings shorter days, colder nights, and a change in routine for both you and your furry friend. While some pups relish the chance to frolic in the snow, the winter months can pose challenges for canine health and happiness. Here at Dig-In, we’re passionate about keeping dogs happy and healthy year-round, and we’ve got…read more

Sniffles Got You Down? Help Your Pup Breathe Easy This Winter!

Thursday 02 May, 2024

Ugh, that dreaded sniffle. Winter seems to bring them on for both humans and our furry friends. While some sniffles are harmless and pass quickly, others can linger and make your pup miserable. But don’t worry, dog lovers! There are ways to help your canine companion breathe easy this winter. The Gut-Immune Connection Did you…read more

Shedding Season Shenanigans: How to Help Your Pup (and Your Sanity)

Tuesday 09 April, 2024

Let’s face it, shedding season can turn your once-pristine home into a tumbleweed graveyard of fur. Everywhere you look, there’s a canine tumbleweed – on your clothes, furniture, even your morning toast (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). While some shedding is natural, especially during those spring and autumn coat transitions, excessive shedding can be…read more

5 Signs it’s Time to Switch Dog Foods

Wednesday 31 January, 2024

As pet owners, we want nothing more than the best for our furry family members. This includes feeding them a high-quality diet that supports their overall health and well-being. However, dog foods are not ‘one size fits all’ and what works great for one pup may not agree with another. Recognizing when it may be…read more

4 Paws-itive Resolutions for You and Your Furry Friend in the New Year

Friday 15 December, 2023

As the calendar flips to January and another year stretches out ahead, it presents the perfect moment for reflection on both successes and areas for future growth over the past 12 months. For dog owners and their canine families, thinking about annual resolutions provides an opportunity to cement healthy habits that will enhance quality of…read more

5 Fun & Healthy Christmas Treats for Your Furry Friend

Tuesday 28 November, 2023

The holidays are a time for gathering with loved ones, enjoying delicious foods, and making special memories. But what about our canine companions – how can we include them in the festive fun while also keeping them happy and healthy. In this article, we’ll share five fun and festive treat ideas your pup will love…read more

3 Fun At-Home Activities to Improve Your Dog’s Wellness

Thursday 02 November, 2023

As a dog owner, you want the best for your furry friend – a long, happy, and healthy life. While regular vet visits and high-quality nutrition are essential, there are also engaging activities you can do at home to boost your pup’s overall wellness. Here are three fun ways to help your dog thrive mentally…read more

Beating the Australian Heat with Your Pup

Tuesday 03 October, 2023

As an Aussie dog parent, you know just how brutal our summers can be. But never fear – with some planning and Dig-In Digestive Gravy Powder on your side, you and your furry friend can still enjoy lots of quality time together outside. Here are some extra tips for keeping cool in the hot weather…read more

Boosting Canine Immunity: 3 Activities to Strengthen Your Dog’s Immune System

Tuesday 08 August, 2023

Just like humans, dogs require a strong immune system to fight off diseases and stay healthy. While a balanced diet and regular veterinary check-ups are crucial, engaging your canine companion in immune-boosting activities can contribute significantly to their overall well-being. In this article, we will explore three activities that can help strengthen your dog’s immune…read more

Understanding Food Allergies in Dogs: How Dig-In Can Help

Friday 05 May, 2023

Food allergies are a common problem in dogs, with a reported prevalence of up to 10% of all canine cases. Allergies occur when the immune system identifies a specific protein in food as a foreign invader and reacts by attacking it. This can lead to a range of symptoms, from mild gastrointestinal issues to severe…read more