Skin Irritation in Dogs! The causes and what to do about it…

Tuesday March 10, 2020

Here’s a scenario that EVERY dog owner is familiar with. You’re sitting at home enjoying a quiet night in, maybe Netflix is on and you’re working your way through the latest series. Maybe you’re tucked up in bed reading away, but despite trying desperately to throw yourself into your book, series, nap, conversation and enjoy the ‘here and now’ there’s this irritating licking, jolting, nibling, scratching restlessness coming from your dog… It’s like nails on a chalkboard. You love your dog immensely but at that moment you like them a little bit less.

It’s probably best to remind yourself that skin irritations are even more annoying for your dog than they are for you. If you’re sick of that nibbling distraction here’s a list of potential causes and what to do about it…

1. Pests and Parasites

It’s relatively common for dogs to be affected by one or more external parasites. These tiny critters live on or in your dog’s skin and can cause a lot of irritation and itching. The most common skin parasites are; fleas, ticks, mange/ mites. Diagnosing is relatively easy with most common pests being easy to identify and depending on the severity of the infection you may not require veterinary intervention.

2. Infections

Sometimes cuts can open the skin to a range of infections. Many of the causes of rashes in dogs are the result of bacterial, fungal, or yeast infections. Pyoderma is the name given to bacterial skin infections, causing lesions that look like pimples and can also cause crusty and flaky skin. As a result the dog usually licks infected areas prolonging proper healing. Fungal infections are also a common ailment and cause for excessive itchiness. Ringworm is easily identified by the circular lesion and most often in dogs hair loss, the lesion becomes inflamed and the infection is easily transmitted to other dogs and people. Your Vet will usually prescribe a topical antibacterial cream to manage symptoms, it is possible to buy over counter creams as well. Yeast infections are typically caused by a fungus known as Malassezia pachydermatis. Look for thickened skin, changes in pigmentation, musty smell odour, flaking skin. Often the infection prefers moist environs so keep an eye on ears. Treating yeast infections early is essential for the long term health of your pup and an ongoing management plan will ensure a reduced risk of recurrence. Depending on the severity of the infection treatment can include keeping the affected area clean and dry and applying a topical cream but may also require veterinary intervention and antibiotics.

3. Canine Atopic Dermatitis

This condition is the result of an environmental factor, like pollen, mould and dust motes. A typical reaction results in inflamed ears, excessive discharge from the eyes and of course itchiness. There are a number of medications available to manage the symptoms and more severe cases may result in an allergy testing by your vet.

4. Food Allergies

Food allergies and an unbalanced diet are common sources of skin irritation in dogs. Most dogs are pretty unselective when it comes to what they’ll eat and every owner has come across their dog hurriedly, snacking on something they definitely shouldn’t have got a hold of. Dog’s like us have allergies and one of the most common symptoms of dietary allergy in dogs (aside from stools) is skin irritations, excessive itchiness etc. Almost every dog responds positively to nutritional management. On this point, we are proud to offer Dig-In as a way to assist your dog’s allergy and improve coat and skin conditions.

Identifying and managing the cause of your dog’s skin condition isn’t always easy and may require both you and your vet to commit to an answer. But, if you’re getting a bit fed up with the nibbling, scratching and restlessness coming from your pet when you’re trying to enjoy your downtime, now’s the time to look a little deeper and get to the bottom of it.

How Can Dig-In Help with Your Dog’s Skin irritations?

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