Customer Reviews

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Margaret & Bandit

I would definitely recommend Dig-In to my friends and let them know the benefits my dog has received from it. Bandit loves his meals and has not been scratching at all, his coat is so soft and shiny… and he’s also extremely frisky!

Paula & Chica

Chica has always loved her food, but she now spends ages cleaning her bowl for every trace of the gravy! I definitely saw the benefit from using Dig-In Digestive Gravy Powder, and know how difficult it is to find products for a dog with allergy issues

Ronnie & Leon

Leon really loved the gravy – he would wait until the gravy was on the biscuits before he started eating. He is normally a grazer but would eat this meal all at once! I would absolutely recommend it others whose dogs ever need any encouragement to eat.


Victoria & Morgan

Morgan was quite old when I tried using Dig-Din Gravy Powder and he had existing health difficulties. It definitely did help his quality of life towards the end, kept his system in good working order and a beautiful shiny coat. He had lots of quite ridiculous bounce for a time, considering his age!! It was easy to make the gravy, in fact it was like making a nice meal for myself with added gravy, sort of like a treat for him.

Victoria & Coco

Your amazing product brought another old doggy back to life!! Coco was an old dog, who was completely undernourished, scavenging for food and had scars all over his face from digging into compost bins. I shared Dig-In Gravy Powder with him and people kept asking me “what did I give or do for Coco, as he looks so good, so healthy and so looked after?!” – well, I put it down to the gravy which has turned this old dogs life around.

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