Dig-In Proudly Supporting Koala Detection Dogs

Monday February 18, 2019

Dig-In has recently and proudly started working alongside OWAD, specifically their koala detection dogs. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to help out a fellow Queenslander and do some good work.

OWAD is an environmental specialist consultancy. Their agenda is pretty broad and if you’re interested, you can learn more by visiting their site – here.

One of the services offered is their ‘Koala detection dogs’. It’s this arm of the business that Dig-in has the privilege to support. There are two Koala detection dogs in the team and their handlers. Taz and Missy are two beautiful field line English Springer Spaniels. In order for them to carry out their important jobs, they need to be kept in peak condition, hence Dig-In.

Taz and Missy roam up to 30km a day in forested areas looking for Koala scat (droppings).
The two dog team and their handlers help to guide decisions and gather data for numerous companies and government bodies across Australia in regards to Koala populations and habitat.

The two dogs can work full time for up to 6 days a week, their powerful noses scenting Koala scat so much more efficiently than their human counterparts – In fact, in one trial they pair out sniffed humans by 378%. That’s impressive!

With such an important task resting on their shoulders, Dig-In is the perfect health partner that keeps them going.

The below video is a great summary of how the team works and the important job they have and if you want to keep up to date with all their adventures, check in here.

Your four-legged companion probably isn’t working as hard as Taz and Missy but if you’re wanting to keep them in peak condition for whatever their day throws at them then Dig-In is the no-fuss dinner addition that will help no end.

Order your Dig-In today – here.