The Ultimate Healthy Pet Food – Why use ‘Dig-In’ Fresh?

Tuesday November 26, 2019

Recently we had the opportunity to sit in on a conversation with Frank Van Doore, creator of Dig-In, as he explained ‘why’ Dig-In Fresh is the best, safest dog food in the world. What we learned is that many pet owners are aware that the pet food industry is letting their much-loved pets down.

What we’re seeing at Dig-In is a gradual migration away from commercially produced dog food that is nutritionally bleak. What is becoming more and more common is the ‘home-made’ or DIY dog foodies – which is great to see but problematic in its own way as so many small but essential elements can get overlooked.

As Frank said.

“About a year ago we did a survey of our customers and asked them what do they feed their dogs. We were surprised to find that over 80% were home cooking. So I went back to them as asked for some of their recipes. When I put these recipes through our nutritional software package, we were stunned to find that many of the diets were unbalanced. Almost all were had incorrect calcium to phosphorus ratios. This can have major health implications as a dog ages particularly for bone density and the risk of leg breaks. Also, there were incorrect levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and lack of key vitamins and trace elements.”

It’s great to see so many people stepping up their pet care game and investing in quality ingredients for their pets. But Frank has a warning.

“I realized that these pet lovers were trying really hard to give their pets the very best – but the reverse was true. The food that they were preparing for their pets could easily be causing long term harm to their pets.”

Since beginning Dig-In Frank has attended multiple lectures and has dedicated hours to studying best-practice nutrition for small animals. One of the first things he learned was that Dogs typically get one meal a day, what’s in their bowl must be balanced in order for them to get everything they need.

“You must always remember that the food in the pet’s bowl makes up to over 95% of the total nutrients that an animal will receive in a day. Humans are grazers – we munch on different foods all day long. But unless your dog can break into trash cans – it’s health and well-being is up to you to make sure that everything is in the bowl every morning!” Frank said.

Cooking with the dog – fun for everyone 🙂

The migration away from industry produced dog-food is still very valid. Having spent 30 years of his career in the development of all different types of food, Frank has an alarming insight on the industry works and the many sins it’s willing to commit in order to stay within the ‘margins’.

“I have spent my career of over 30 years in the development and manufacturing of all different types of pet foods. I know how the industry operates and I know the good and bad of what goes into pet food. But to me, product development has always been personal. I ask myself, would I feed that you my kids(human)? If the answer is NO, then why should I expect customers to feed to their fur children.”

With Dig-In Digestive Gravy being available for four years the latest iteration – ‘Dig-In Fresh’ is the ultimate solution allowing owners to take the best possible care for their pets. For Frank, it’s a tremendous motivator.

“My other key driver is that I know that pet owners want authentic foods. Not a kibble or a can where we can hide an elephant! The only way to make food authenticity is to do it yourself. To go to the store and select the best looking ingredients and take them home and cook them fresh… I am very passionate about helping pets to have the longest, healthiest and happiest lives possible. My wife and I had a beloved cavalier King Charles spaniel named Georgia die at 10years from a heart defect. While the defect was inherited, I realize now that the kibble and canned food we were giving her would have not helped or may have even sped up her decline by issues such as oxidative stress.”

So, why Dig-In Fresh? Owners are waking up to the pet foods’ shady practices and out respect for the dog-human bond, Frank and the Dig-In Team have created something that provides the healthiest alternative without missing anything essential. As Frank puts it.

“I want to give pets the best, freshest and safest food possible – it is a personal quest. They love us and we are responsible to give them the best we can.”

Ready to show your dog just how much you love them? Order your Dig-In Fresh Today.