Will Dig-In make my dog more active?

Thursday May 14, 2015

active dogs“Dig-In is for dogs of all ages and breeds. We believe in the enjoyment of a healthy and active lifestyle for you and your companion.”

This quote that you may have come across on our website has raised a few questions. People are concerned that feeding their pet Dig-In as a normal part of their diet will make them more active. Heaven knows that some families have a hard time keeping up with their pet when they take him/her for a walk as it is! But do not worry, Dig-In will not turn your lovely puppy into a marauding beast!

Let me explain why we used the word ‘active’ in this context. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, when we carried out our in-house trial survey, most of the owners commented that they thought that their dogs were “happier” after participating in the trial.

Now it is very hard to scientifically quantify ‘happiness’ in a pet. However, while we are still looking into this effect, it appears that as Dig-In helped establish a healthy digestive system, the dogs showed signs of relief.

Can you image what it must feel like to have a grumbly tummy for a very long time – maybe years – and then finally getting relief? This would be cause for some happiness on your part. Now a dog cannot tell you directly that he/she has a poor tummy. They would probably show it by not being active or engaged with you, however, once the tummy grumble has gone, your pet would be more engaged and attentive.

So when we were looking for a suitable word to epitomise the effect of Dig-In, we were in a quandary. We did use the word ‘happier’ but it did not convey the full meaning, and so the word ‘active’ was chosen.