Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

Monday October 16, 2017

It seems that every month is in competition with the former month to be the hottest on record. Whilst this can certainly be uncomfortable for us it can be worse for your dog, so, with summer fast approaching we thought it a good time to offer you our tips to keeping Fido cool this summer.

Head to the nearest Dog-Friendly beach

This is a no-brainer, your dog loves the beach and chances are your probably keen on it too. Run on the sand, build up a sweat then cool in the water – repeat.

Early or Late Walks

Not everyone can head to the beach but that shouldn’t stop you and your best mate from getting out this time of year. Just avoid the hottest parts of the day.

Neat Stuff to Help Out

There’s plenty of ‘cool’ things on offer for your dog to help them chill out over summer. From gel-filled cooling dog mats, cooling scarves, frozen chew toys to special cooling vests and of course the ever effective clamshell kiddies pool in the shade. Head to your nearest pet store to find more. While you’re at it take your dog with you, with the majority of pet stores being dog-friendly they’ll likely enjoy the air-conditioned store as much as your company.

Ice-Cubes and Tasty Frozen Treats

Ever just wanted an ice-cool drink on a hot day? Of course, you have and it’s no different for your dog. Cooldown their water with some ice-cubes, freeze their favourite treat or for something that they’ll love, mix some Dig-In with water (even portions) and freeze for a ready treat.

Some Gold Ole’ Common Sense

You’re probably already all over these ones but just in case…

Dog’s sweat from their feet and cool down by panting. Cooling your dog’s paws will go a long way to helping them cool down as will having plenty of cool, clean water at hand.

Shade or inside please, dogs get hot in the sun if your dog is strictly an outside pet make sure they can rest up in a cool shaded area with plenty of ventilation.

Keep on top of grooming, short hair is better for dogs this time of year. While long hair can help dogs cool down this is generally best for fastidious dog owners that are particular about keeping their pet’s hair brushed regularly and matt-free.

And finally; Never Leave Your Dog in a car. This is probably nothing new to you but with summer coming up please remember it can take just six minutes for your dog to die in a hot car and no-one wants that.

Spring and summer is a mixed bag for pet owners. On one hand, you have the undeniable call of the outdoors encouraging you to get outside with your four-legged friend and explore.
But, on the other hand – it’s hot… and we mean that ‘touch the steering wheel for third-degree burns’ hot that only Aussie’s know, hopefully, the above tips will make this summer coming an enjoyable one for you and your best mate.