Beating the Australian Heat with Your Pup

Tuesday October 03, 2023

As an Aussie dog parent, you know just how brutal our summers can be. But never fear – with some planning and Dig-In Digestive Gravy Powder on your side, you and your furry friend can still enjoy lots of quality time together outside. Here are some extra tips for keeping cool in the hot weather months:

Early Morning Exercise

Opt for walks between 6-8am before the sun gets high. Dew on the grass helps paws, and temperatures are 5-10°C cooler than midday. Keep walks brief at first as dogs slowly build endurance.

Evening Playtime

After 4pm when it starts cooling, take advantage of the lower temperatures. Fetch, flirt pole sessions, or interactive toys like a snuffle mat promote mental and physical stimulation.

Shade Structures

Consider an outdoor canopy or tarp setup with several sides for your dog’s area. Put ice packs or frozen water bottles under bedding material for an extra cooling effect on hot ground. Replenish ice as needed.

Water Games

Fill kiddie pools, lay out slip n slides, or use sprinklers and hoses for fun water play. Rotate short sessions with breaks in the shade. The cooling mist and splashes help lower body temperature.

Car Cooling

On road trips, never leave pets unattended in hot vehicles. Consider cooling seat covers, which work on the same evaporative cooling principle as dogs’ panting to lower the cab temperature before embarking.

With some diligent planning and the gut support of Dig-In, you and your pup can comfortably enjoy sunny season activities together despite the searing temps down under!