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Thank you for downloading our free exercise plan for your dog

We have put together two options for you to choose from. Or you can even have both!


iCal complete exercise plan

The first option is a complete iCal exersice plan for your dog.
Simply download the calendar and sync with your iCal. It will remind you every morning and afternoon to spend some quality time with your dog. It will also tell you what games to play and give you detailed instructions on how to play. So all there is left to do is to enjoy spending time with your furry four-legged friend!

Download iCal exercise Plan


Monthly exercise planner

The second option is a monthly exercise planner you can fill out yourself.
Simply print it out at the beginning of every month on your printer at home. To fill it out, pick a game from the list provided and mark it to the calendar together with the family member’s name who is to do the task with the dog. This keeps everyone organised and your dog healthy, active and happy!

Download Exercise Planner

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