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Why are dogs going crazy for Dig-In Digestive Gravy Powder?

It's like chocolate covered candy for dogs...
but without the bad stuff in it and plus a whole heap of health benefits!

Dig-In to the facts about our Digestive Gravy Powder...

Dig-In fights against any nasty bacteria in the digestive process, and builds a stronger immune system to ease the common symptoms of food allergies. We've got them all covered in one simple powder!

Benefits of Digestive Gravy Powder

  • "Eddie is my 12-year-old female Jack Russell, who for over 12 months suffered from a constant itch which had caused her to regularly scratch her skin, leading to listlessness and depression. I tried many veterinary products and naturopathic products, none of which helped her. I read about Dig-In and how it was developed in consultation with the CSIRO so decided it was worth a try. Within a couple of weeks of using Dig-In, she was a different dog. She redeveloped a strong appetite, oodles of energy (taking ME for a walk now) and appears much happier and more active. She…"

    Suzie & Eddie

  • "I would definitely recommend Dig-In to my friends and let them know the benefits my dog has received from it. Bandit loves his meals and has not been scratching at all, his coat is so soft and shiny… and he’s also extremely frisky!"

    Margaret & Bandit

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